Festival of Workshop Presenters

Recording & Submitting Your Session

Recording your workshop

We would like to immortalize the material that you have carefully prepared for your workshop for the benefit of those who were unable to attend, and those who may want to reference it again. Your materials will be credited to you personally

To accomplish this, we asking for a few assets from you, one of which is a recording.

Recording Your Lecture

You may have the knowledge and ability to record yourself already using a voice recorder, but if not, follow these easy steps to use a recorder you already carry with you: your smartphone.

  1. The App: if you have an iPhone, simply use your 'Voice Memos' app, which comes preinstalled. If you have an Android, we recommend the app 'Easy Voice Recorder' https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.... available in the Google Play store for free. 1 Something similar with the same capabilities would be fine.
  2. Prep your phone: Recording is a low-intensity process, so even a partial charge will record for hours. A full charge is recommended. Also, if you're the type that has almost no available storage on your phone, you may want to delete that video of your cat drinking out of the toilet to free up a bit more space. It's also recommended that you place your phone in airplane mode to avoid recording sounds of incoming messages and interrupting your class. 2
  3. Position your phone: The microphone is located on the bottom edge of your phone. It will work equally well if your phone is screen-up or screen-down. Simply place your phone on your podium, or on a table near where you will be speaking, with the microphone facing you if you can. Your phone microphone is good enough that you do not need to carry it with you.
  4. Record: before your workshop starts, hit record, and set your phone down. When it's done, stop the recording. Don't worry about extra 'dead air' at the beginning and end. We'll edit those bits out for you.
  5. Classroom etiquette. Because of the nature of a workshop, you will often be asked questions. As you would normally, please repeat or summarize questions received from quieter attendees prior to answering.

So in short:

  • Get/locate the app.
  • Charge your phone
  • Place the phone near you
  • Hit record.
  • Repeat hard-to-hear questions
  • Hit stop

Collecting And Sending Your Assets

  1. Your lecture recording
  2. Your handouts, if any are used
  3. Your slideshow, if one is used
  4. A photograph or portrait of you

Ready to Submit?